ISSN:     0867-888X (Print)  
2450-8071 (Online)

Vol 49, No 2-3 (2001)

Table of Contents PDF
Foreword PDF


An Analysis of Theories in Biomechanics PDF
P.J. Prendergast 117–133
Torsional Rigidities of Cancellous Bone Filled with Marrow: The Application of Multipoint Pads Approximants PDF
S. Tokarzewski, J.J. Telega, A. Gałka 135–153
On a Class of Bone Cell-Based Remodeling Laws with Spatial Fading Influence of Stimuli PDF
T. Lekszycki 155–164
Bones Characterisation with Ultrasound PDF
J. Litniewski, A. Nowicki, A. Sawicki 165–177
On Observation of Slow Ultrasonic Waves in Cancellous Bones PDF
J. Kubik, M. Kaczmarek, M. Pakuła 179–189
Relation Between the Mechanical Properties of Muscles and Their Structure on the Molecular Level PDF
L. Kowalczyk 191–212
Modelling Elastic Behaviour of Soft Tissues. Part I. Isotropy PDF
S. Jemioło, J.J. Telega 213–240
Modelling Elastic Behaviour of Soft Tissues. Part II. Transverse Isotropy PDF
S. Jemioło, J.J. Telega 241–281
Modelling Electric and Elastic Properties of Cartilage PDF
A. Gałka, J.J. Telega, R. Wojnar 283–313
Liquid Crystalline Properties of Synovial Fluid PDF
E. Szwajczak, A. Kucaba-Piętal, J.J. Telega 315–358
Significance of Bioceramics for Bone Surgery PDF
A. Ślósarczyk 359–374
Visco-Elastic Analysis of the Femur-Implant System by Using Finite Element Approach PDF
S. Piszczatowski, K. Skalski 375–394
Computer Modelling and Simulation Techniques as a Tool For Aiding the Design of Orthopaedic Unilateral External Fixators – Focused on Innovative Solutions PDF
D. Jasińska-Choromańska 395-415
Evolutionary Programs in the Optimization of Cementless Hip Prosthesis PDF
J. Bauer, M. Pyrz 417–429
Optimal Three-Dimensional Correction of Idiopathic Scoliosis PDF
T. Kotwicki, W. Marciniak 431-436