ISSN:     0867-888X (Print)  
2450-8071 (Online)

Vol 43, No 1-2 (1995)


Asymptotic Methods in the Theory of Perforated Membrane of Nonhomogeneous Structure PDF
I.V. Andrianov, G.A. Starushenko 5-18
Natural Frequencies of a Cantilever Timoshenko Beam With a Tip Mass PDF
N.M Auciello 19-26
Plane Contact of a Cylindrical Opening Stiffened by a Thin Shell PDF
D. Bardzokas, G.E. Exadaktylos 27-44
An Interactive Program for Shape Optimization of Sections Under Saint-Venant Torsion Using Boundary Element Method PDF
P. Berkowski, J.M. Sieczkowski, M. Doblaré, L. Garcia 45-70
Computer Analysis of Damage Development in Rectangular Plates PDF
J. Białkiewicz, P. Mika 71-82
On the Stress Distrubution in Bending of Strongly Anisotropic Beams PDF
A. Blinowski, J. Ostrowska-Maciejewska 83-99
Kinematic Approach to Dynamic Contact Problems - The Geometrical Soft Way Method PDF
C. Bohatier, Cz. Bajer 101-111
Internal and Combination Resonances in a Kinematically Excited System of Non-Prismatic Rods PDF
A. Foryś, A.S. Foryś 113-136
Shape Optimization of 2D Elastic Structures Using Adaptne Grids PDF
W. Gutkowski, J. Zawidzka 137-150
The Effect of Masonry Cracks on the Composite Action Between Steel Lintels and Masonry Walls PDF
S.J. Hardy 151-167
On the Energetically Most Efficient Trajectories for the Heavy Machine Shoving Process PDF
A. Jarzębowski, J. Maciejewski, D. Szyba, W. Trąmpczyński 169-182
A Comparative Study of Vibrations of Elasto-Viscoplastic Shells and Plates PDF
P. Kłosowski, K. Woźnica, D. Weichert 183-204
Transport Equation for Shock Strenght in Hyperelastic Rods PDF
S. Kosiński 205-224
Finite Element Model for 3-D Analysis of Composite Plates PDF
M. Lefik 225-244
Modelling of Strain Field in Extrusion by Die Geometry PDF
W. Libura 245-257
Dynamic Calculation of the Youth Bridge Over the Danube River in Bratislava PDF
J. Melcer 259-277
Rail on Linear Stochastics Supports PDF
M. Moravčík 279-296
Some New Developments in Contact Pressure Optimization PDF
I. Páczelt 279-312
Knowledge-Based Discrete Optimalization of Truss Structures PDF
M. Pyrz 313-325
The 18G2A Steel (Construction Steel) Cyclic Behaviour in the Case of Complex Uniaxial Loading PDF
E. Sender, W. Trąmpczyński 327-355