ISSN:     0867-888X (Print)  
2450-8071 (Online)

Vol 48, No 3 (2000)


Semi-Empirical Model of Tire-Pavement Contact PDF
P. Fundowicz, J. Wicher 205–220
Suspension Dynamics and Pavement Wear PDF
J. de Pont, B. Steven 221–242
Vehicle Dynamics Model as Road Pavement Load Generator PDF
Z. Lozia 243–259
Effects of Wide Single Tyres and Dual Tyres – A Technical and Economic Approach – Report on Cost 334 PDF
A. Faber, W.D. Hahn 261–272
Reduction of Train-Induced Vibration in Buildings PDF
J.P. Talbot 273–282
Passive Control of a Beam Subject to Travelling Inertial Load PDF
Cz. Bajer, R. Bogacz, Sz. Imiełowski 283–292
Investigations on Railway Tracks with Special Emphasis on Partially Unsupported Sleepers Due to Voids PDF
R. Lammering, M. Plenge 293–307
The Response of Orthotropic Steel Decks to Traffic Loads PDF
A.T. Dempsey, D.L. Keogh, B. Jacob, J. Carracilli 309–327
On Influence of Pad Features on Dynamics of A Railway Track PDF
R. Bogacz, A. Kamiński, T. Krzyżyński 329–340
Table of Contents PDF
Preface PDF