Engineering Transactions, 19, 3, pp. 407–421, 1971

Nośność graniczna pręta z karbami obciążonego siłą podłużną i momentem zginającym

Politechnika Poznańska

The limiting load of a rod with notches loaded with longitudinal force and bending moment

The object of this paper is the determination of the limit load of a fiat rod with angular notches submitted to simultaneous stretching by an axial force N and bending by the bending moment M.

After application of the basic compounds, the existence of two types of solutions is demonstrated, in both a fiat state of strain and a fiat state of stress. The boundary curves f(m, n) = 0 obtained enable determination of the coefficients of the increase of limit load in relation to the load of a rod without notches, for the whole range of forced loads and moment loads depending on the opening angle of the notch.

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