Engineering Transactions, 25, 2, pp. 333-347, 1977

Shock Wave Structure in a Binary Mixture of Gases with a Rotational Degree of Freedom and Comparable Masses

W. Fiszdon
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Warszawa

T. Platkowski
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Warszawa

Plane stationary shock waves in a binary mixture of gases are considered. The first component of the mixture is monoatomic and the second is diatomic with a rotational degree of freedom. To obtain hydrothermodynamic. quantities, the modified BGK equations are solved using the Mott-Smith assumption. To close the set of equations, two moments of the BGK set of equations are taken. The hydrothermodynamic quantities are computed numerically and shock wave pro-files are found for different mass and density ratios of the two components. To investigate the influence of the rotational degree of freedom, a similar procedure is performed for the case of a binary mixture of monoatomic gases. The dependence of the shock structure on mass and density ratios as well as the rotational degree of freedom effects are shown.

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Copyright © Polish Academy of Sciences & Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT PAN).


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