Engineering Transactions, 65, 4, pp. 587–599, 2017

Modelling and Numerical Analysis of Explosion Under the Wheel of Light Armoured Military Vehicle

Military University of Technology

Military University of Technology

The article presents a method for numerical modelling of a blast shock effect on unsprung parts of the military vehicle suspension. An explosive charge during the tests was placed under a vehicle wheel according to STANAG 4569 requirements. The mass of the charge is 10 kg of TNT, which corresponds to the highest level of safety – 4a. During the research, there was also tested an influence of application of Run Flat in the Tyre-Run Flat-Rim system on the propagation of a shock wave under the vehicle chassis. A model and numerical calculations were carried out with the use of the following programs: CATIA, HyperMesh, LS-PrePost, LS-Dyna.To describe an effect of a pressure wave on the structure, ALE approach was applied, which allowed mapping such processes as: detonation, wave propagation, interaction with a structure and ORFF system response.
Keywords: shock wave; Run Flat; Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV)
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DOI: 10.24423/engtrans.793.2017