Engineering Transactions, 49, 2-3, pp. 417–429, 2001

Evolutionary Programs in the Optimization of Cementless Hip Prosthesis

J. Bauer
Polish Academy of Sciences

M. Pyrz
University of Science and Technology of Lille

The optimal design of cementless hip prosthesis is investigated in the paper. Design variables are materials (represented by their Young's moduli) of the non-homogenous stem prosthesis, disposed in vertical layers. The minimisation of the interface stress function with constraints on the resorbed bone mass fraction is presented. A simplified two-dimensional FEM model of a stem-bone configuration is considered, enabling however to obtain essential characteristics of the stem-bone load-transfer mechanism. Evolutionary algorithm approach is applied to find the optimal solution.
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DOI: 10.24423/engtrans.567.2001

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