Engineering Transactions, 71, 4, pp. 537–551, 2023

Slow Flow of Couple Stress Fluid Past a Cylinder Embedded in a Porous Medium: Slip Effect

ORCID ID 0000-0003-1902-2747
National Institute of Technology

Krishna Prasad MADASU
ORCID ID 0000-0002-1819-3651
National Institute of Technology

An analytical study for the creeping flow of a couple stress fluid past a cylinder embedded in a porous medium is presented using the slip condition. The uniform flow is considered far away from a cylinder. The boundary conditions used are zero couple stress and tangential slip conditions. The modified Bessel functions represent the stream function (the velocity). The drag exerted on a solid cylinder immersed in a porous medium is derived. The impacts of the couple stress, permeability, and slip parameters on the normalized drag force are presented graphically. The drag forces of well-known exceptional cases are reduced. The drag force is a decreasing function of the permeability and couple stress parameters and an increasing function of the slip parameter.

Keywords: couple stress fluid; cylinder; Brinkman’s equation; saturated porous medium; slip coefficient; drag force
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