Engineering Transactions, 55, 1, pp. 3–28, 2007

Identification and Validation of Damage Parameters for Elasto-Viscoplastic Chaboche Model

Gdańsk University of Technology Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of Structural Mechanics and Bridge Structures

The aim of the paper is to propose an improved procedure of damage material parameters
identification of the Chaboche model, coupled with the concept of isotropic damage model
proposed by Amar and Dufailly [2]. The proposed approach has been implemented into subroutines
of the FE MSC.Marc code, as the user’s viscoplastic subroutine UVSCPL, and has
been used to perform FE static and dynamic computations. The paper gives a brief description
of the Chaboche model including damage. The results are also presented of FE dynamic
analyses using the respective UVSCPL subroutine. Analyses have been made for the nickelbased
superalloy INCO718 and for steel. The numerical examples prove that the proposed
identification approach is effective and the numerical implementation is correct.
Keywords: damage, elasto-viscoplastic constitutive model, Chaboche, FEM, MSC. Marc
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