Engineering Transactions, 56, 4, pp. 363–376, 2008

Constitutive modelling and numerical simulation of dynamic behaviour of asphalt-concrete pavement

Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering, Institute of Structural Mechanics

The main objective of the paper is to present a simple constitutive model suited for dy-
namic simulation of asphalt-concrete mixtures. ABAQUS/Explicit FE software is used for this
purpose. The model belongs to the class of overstress hypoelastic-viscoplastic materials, taking
into account the effect of pressure-dependence on yielding. The implementation of constitutive
relations formulated in the paper is done through user subroutine module VUMAT. The results
of numerical simulation of dynamic behaviour of multilayer pavement structure, illustrating
the applicability of the algorithm, is also discussed.
Keywords: dynamic plasticity, asphalt concrete pavement, FEM
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