Engineering Transactions, 44, 3-4, pp. 445-469, 1996

On Regularization of Plastic Flow Localization in a Soil Material

M. Lengnick
Universität Hannover, Hannover

T. Łodygowski
Poznań University of Technology, Poznań

P. Perzyna
Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Warszawa

E. Stein
Universität Hannover, Hannover

Density-dependent critical state line (Cam-Clay type) model is regularized by viscoplastic formulation to assure the mathematical well-posedness of the initial Cauchy problem. In computations this reduces the so-called Primary Mesh Dependence which is defined in the paper. Several numerical examples of two-dimensional plane strain pillar problem confirm the validity of the proposed formulation and its usefulness in numerical calculations.

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Copyright © Polish Academy of Sciences & Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT PAN).


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