Engineering Transactions, 10, 2, pp. 385-407, 1962

Metoda Jednoetapowego Obliczania Ram Wielopiętrowych w Przypadku Uwzględnienia Zmian Schematu Statystycznego w Trakcie Wznoszenia Konstrukcji

W. Paprocka-Grabczyńska
Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki PAN

The present paper is concerned with the problem of computation of structures taking into con- sideration any structural change introduced in the course of assemblage. These changes are to be taken into account when the loadings applied during the assemblage of the structure are considerable as compared with the other ones. The method proposed here and devised for symmetric single bay multistorey frames enables us, in contrast to classical methods (requiring the solution of as many static systems as many load systems are considered), to solve the problem by a single computation procedure. This procedure is justified theoretically. The displacements of the joints necessary to obtain the solution are determined. The procedure is discussed in detail. The given tables enable us to obtain, by simple transformation, the values of the internal forces for typical loads. In particular, the method may find application in the computation of multistorey frames prestressed in the course of assemblage. There are of course other domains of applicability of the method.
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