Engineering Transactions, 15, 4, pp. 707-712, 1967

Drgania Pewnego Nieliniowego Układu o Zmiennej Sztywności

Z. Osiński
Katedra Maszynoznawstwa i Elementów Maszyn Politechniki Warszawskiej

The object of the present investigation is longitudinal vibration of a mass suspended on a steel rope with nonlinear characteristic taking into consideration monotonous motion of the rope.
This motion causes variability of the active length of the rope. The solution is obtained by means of the Kryloff-Bogoluboff method adapted for the investigation of nonlinear vibrations with slowly varying parameters. The influence of the motion of the rope on the amplitude and frequency of vibration is analysed.

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Copyright © Polish Academy of Sciences & Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT PAN).


Z. OSIŃSKI, Z. WASILEWSKI, The vibration of mass hung on the steel rope, Zagadnienia Drgań Nieliniowych, Nr 6, Warszawa 1964.

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