Engineering Transactions, 67, 1, pp. 35–54, 2019

Effects of Three-Axial Material Inhomogeneity on Lengthwise Cracks in Non-Linear Elastic Beams

Victor Iliev RIZOV
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy

The present paper investigates lengthwise crack behaviour in three-axial inhomogeneous non-linear elastic cantilever beams, i.e., beams which exhibit inhomogeneous material properties along the width, height and length. The non-linear mechanical behaviour of the inhomogeneous material is described by the Ramberg-Osgood equation assuming that the modulus
of elasticity varies linearly along the width, height and length of beams. A solution to the strain energy release rate is derived by considering the balance of the energy. The results obtained in the present paper indicate that the three-axial inhomogeneous material properties have a significant influence on the strain energy release rate in non-linear elastic beams.
Keywords: three-axial inhomogeneous beam; lengthwise crack; non-linear mechanical behaviour of the material
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