Engineering Transactions, 66, 4, pp. 443–459, 2018

Material Spin and Finite-Strain Hypo-Elasticity for Two-Dimensional Orthotropic Media

Ivan Yurievitch ZUBKO
Perm National Research Polytechnic University
Russian Federation

A constitutive material spin tensor in the case of purely elastic finite-strain deformation is introduced for a two-dimensional orthotropic media using the minimizing principle applied to obtain the reloaded configuration of the material volume. This material spin explains the rotation of the orthonormal vector frame which coincides with the material symmetry axes in the initial configuration of the material volume and uniquely corresponds to a set of these axes in the current configuration although it does not coincide with the latter. The given definition is followed by the exact expression which includes the deformation gradient tensor, unit vectors of the initial material anisotropy axes and their axial parameters. This definition allows obtaining a new variant of decomposing any elastic finite-strain motion onto rigid and deformational parts and introducing the material corotational rate. The latter is used for the formulation of the anisotropic rate-type elastic law in the current configuration based on the strain measure which does not belong to the Seth-Hill family. For isotropic as well as for tetragonal media, the introduced material rotation tensor coincides with the rotation tensor from the polar decomposition of a deformation gradient.
Keywords: material spin; material corotational rate; elastic anisotropy; finite strains; hypo-elasticity; material strain tensor
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DOI: 10.24423/EngTrans.799.20181203