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HABERSOHN, Christoph, Vienna University of Technology Institute for Production Engineering and Laser Technology
HADAR, Anton, University Politehnica, Department of Strength of Materials, Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems, Splaiul Independentei 313, Sector 6, 060042, Bucharest
HADDAD, A., School of Technology Makkah
HADDAG, Badis, LEMTA CNRS-UMR 7563 – InSIC Laboratory of Energetics and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Hahn, W.D., University of Hanover
HAMILTON, Carter, Miami University, College of Engineering and Computing
HAMILTON, Carter Benjamin, Miami University, School of Engineering and Applied Science
HAN, Chuanjun, Southwest Petroleum University
HAN, Zuozhen
Hasebe, N., Nagoya Institute of Technology
HASHIMOTO, Shinya, SUZUKI Motor Corporation
HATA, H., Department of Mechanical System Engineering, Kumamoto University
HATANAKA, Daisuke, Meiji University
HATTORI, Toshio, Gifu University, Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering
HATŁAS, Marcin, Institute of Mechanics and Computational Engineering, Silesian University of Technology
HATŁAS, Marcin, Silesian University of Technology
HAUGOU, G., Universite Lille Nord de France; UVHC, LAMIH; CNRS, FRE 3304
He, Ji-Huan, Shanghai Donghua University
HE, Qiang, Anyang Institute of Technology
Hedzielski, B., Polish Academy of Sciences
HEGAZI, Nouran, American University of Sharjah
HERNÁNDEZ-GUERRERO, Abel, University of Guanajuato
HERZIG, N., Nordmetall GmbH
HINCAPIE ZULUGA, Diego, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
HIROE, T., Department of Mechanical System Engineering, Kumamoto University
HOLNICKI-SZULC, Jan, Institute of Fundamental and Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences,
HONGTHONG, Rattanasak, Rajamangala University of Technology
Hoła, J., Wroclaw University of Technology
HUANG, Xicheng, Institute of Systems Engineering, China Academy of Engineering Physics
HUANG, Xicheng, Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics
HUANG, Y., University of Kentucky Center for Manufacturing
HUGHES, David, Teesside University School of Computing, Engineering and Digital Technologies
HUGHES, Kevin, Brunel University, London
HURTALOVA, Lenka, University of Zilina Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Material Engineering
HUSSEIN, Ahmed Kadhim, Babylon University

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